About us

About Us

Our solutions draw from an in-depth knowledge and experience of what it means to work in 5 star environments and we provide the talent, tools and training to ensure eXtraordinary service levels whilst engaging individuals at every level!

How do we do this?

  • Pairing passionate people with their purpose.
  • Providing a holistic project management approach to developing streamlined HR solutions.
  • Developing highly engaged cultures that embody authenticity, honesty and openness as a way of being.
  • Giving organisations the competitive advantage through ensuring individuals and teams know how to deliver eXtraordinary service consistently every time.


Our process: Every organization, much like every person, is unique. With this in mind, we strive to fully understand the organisations and the candidates that we work with in order to tailor-make sustainable long-term solutions.  This requires the following:

  1. Identifying the desired end goal or outcomes
  2. Assessing and understanding the organisation’s current state and operational requirements
  3. Developing and Implementing an eXtraordinary Solution
  4. Reviewing and Measuring Results
  5. Refining the Solution.

eXtraordinary Solutions is a member of FEDHASA and is registered with the Association of Skill Development Facilitators South Africa. We are also SDI Accredited.